Vocs MV BM Amp Sim

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The Ultimate Vocs MV BM Guitar Amp Plugin

Our premiere guitar amplifier plugin inspired by the iconic tones of rock legends.

Introducing the Vocs MV BM

Our first-ever guitar amplifier plugin that bridges history with technology, the Vocs MV BM is more than a mere replication. It's a resurrection of grand, ethereal rock resonance into a format that meets the demands of today's music genesis. Be it crafting a classic rock ballad or experimenting with genre-defying composition, the possibilities are endless.

Powered by Authentic Innovation

Fueled by groundbreaking technology, this plugin superbly emulates the striking tonal characteristics and nuances of the original amplifier, including the revered signature treble booster. The treble booster, known for sculpting a one-of-a-kind tone, can make every strum of your chords reverberate with legendary impact.

Precision at Your Fingertips

Every aspect of your tone is in your control with our tool's meticulously refined feature set. Crafted with keen attention to intuition and practicality, control panel for gain, tone, and volume allows you to chisel your sound perfection. Dial in your settings and tailor your music ranging from subtle nuance to roaring crescendo.

Universal Compatibility

The Vocs MV BM is available as a plugin in AU, CLAP, LV2, VST2, and VST3 formats, ensuring a seamless, optimized experience across Windows and Mac. This broad adaptability ensures smooth incorporation of this plugin into your workflow, irrespective of your toolset.

Unleash Your Creativity

Whether you're paying tribute to a timeless rock anthem or blazing your trail with unique compositions, the Vocs MV BM guitar amp plugin is your royal chariot. Don't wait; revolutionize your sound, captivate your audience, and leave your mark on music history with the Vocs MV BM. Be a part of this ride where rock heritage meets modern-day ingenuity. Together, we'll craft the future.

The plugin is an amp-only software.

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