The Legacy Vol.1 for AXE-FX II

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The Legacy Vol.1 for AXE-FX II

The Choptones The Legacy Vol.1 pack contains great tones made using the Carvin Legacy 100 model for your Fractal Axe FX-II (Cali Leggy).

10 Patches, multiple scenes each one, that will allow you to reach the best for your musical needs!


CT-Legacy2cabs (Distorted tone with 2 parallel cabinets)

CT-LegacyStereo (Distorted tone with double delay (Left/Right) and reverb (center)

CT-LegacyClassy (Distorted tone, a classic Legacy configuration)

CT-LegacyPure (Distorted tone on a great Fractal GB with 160)

CT-LegacyFull (Distorted tone on Recto Cab)

CT-LegacyMod (Distorted tone with chorus)

CT-LegacyCrunch (Crunchy classic tone)

CT-LegacyUber (Distorted tone on Bogner Cab)

CT-LegacyDist (Distorted tone on Recto cab with SM57 and R121)

CT-LegacyCh (Distorted tone with Chorus)

Compatible with Axe FX II, XL, XL+ with Factory Cabs

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