The Legacy Vol.1 for AX8

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The Legacy Vol.1 for AX8

The Choptones The Legacy Vol.1 pack contains great tones made using the Carvin Legacy 100 model for your Fractal AX8 (Cali Leggy).

10 Patches, multiple scenes each one, that will allow you to reach the best for your musical needs!


CT-Legacy2cabs (Distorted tone with 2 parallel cabinets)

CT-LegacyStereo (Distorted tone with double delay (Left/Right) and reverb (center)

CT-LegacyClassy (Distorted tone, a classic Legacy configuration)

CT-LegacyPure (Distorted tone on a great Fractal GB with 160)

CT-LegacyFull (Distorted tone on Recto Cab)

CT-LegacyMod (Distorted tone with chorus)

CT-LegacyCrunch (Crunchy classic tone)

CT-LegacyUber (Distorted tone on Bogner Cab)

CT-LegacyDist (Distorted tone on Recto cab with SM57 and R121)

CT-LegacyCh (Distorted tone with Chorus)

Compatible with AX8 with Factory Cabs

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