Textures Vol.1 for AXE-FX II

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Textures Vol.1 for AXE-FX II

The Choptones Textures Vol.1 pack contains everything you need to perform great sustained melodic lines, esoteric clean parts and classy crunches with your Fractal Axe FX-II.

10 Patches, 3 scenes each one, that will allow you to reach the best for your musical needs!

Patches list:

CT- BrownTone

CT- EyeDist (Modern EL-34 lead tone)

CT- RectLead (Modern warm lead tone/ defined rhythm tone)

CT- XIIStrings (Turn your 6 string guitar in a 12 “crazy sounding” one)

CT- OldSolo (Classic Cornford lead tone for all purpose)

CT- BlvTone (Seeking to recreate “Green” tone)

CT- HiCrank (The tone of a mighty Hiwatt properly boosted with a ProCo Rat pedal)

CT- AcuDream (Acoustic simulation, great lead tone, single coil suggested)

CT- CyberClean ( Clean chorused tone

CT- CyberLead (Synth sounding Lead guitar tone)

Compatible with Axe FX II, XL, XL+ with Factory Cabs

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