Textures Vol.1 for AX8

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Textures Vol.1 for AX8

The Choptones Textures Vol.1 pack contains everything you need to perform great sustained melodic lines, esoteric clean parts and classy crunches with your Fractal AX8.

10 Patches, 3 scenes each one, that will allow you to reach the best for your musical needs!

Patches list:

CT- BrownTone

CT- EyeDist (Modern EL-34 lead tone)

CT- RectLead (Modern warm lead tone/ defined rhythm tone)

CT- XIIStrings (Turn your 6 string guitar in a 12 “crazy sounding” one)

CT- OldSolo (Classic Cornford lead tone for all purpose)

CT- BlvTone (Seeking to recreate “Green” tone)

CT- HiCrank (The tone of a mighty Hiwatt properly boosted with a ProCo Rat pedal)

CT- AcuDream (Acoustic simulation, great lead tone, single coil suggested)

CT- CyberClean ( Clean chorused tone

CT- CyberLead (Synth sounding Lead guitar tone)

Compatible with AX8 with Factory Cabs

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