Super Angel vol1 Cabinet IR

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Super Angel vol1 Cabinet IR

The Super Angel vol1 is a collection of amazing - studio grade - ready to mix Impulses Responses based on several captures of an Engl Cabinets selection.

Made with the best microphones and outboard, this pack will deliver a pure Engl tone for your modeler or your head!

  • Engl Standard 4x12
  • Engl XXL 4x12
  • Engl Vertical 2x12
  • Engl Standard 2x12
  • Celestion V30 UK
  • Celestion V30 China
  • Celestion V-Type
  • Celestion G12M 25
  • Celestion Creamback H75
  • Fane F90

  • Shure SM58
  • Shure SM57
  • Sennheiser MD421
  • Royer R-121
  • Shure SM7B
  • Beyerdynamic M160
  • Beyerdynamic M88TG
  • Sennheiser e609
  • AKG C414


Formats included:
WAV (44kHz/48kHz/96kHz - 24bit)

Ready to be converted or loaded into digital modelers or outboard IR loader such as Kemper KPA, Line 6 Helix, Two Notes Hardware and Software, Fractal Audio Hardware and Software and many more.

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