Shred & Electro Progressive for G3 / G3X (Gianni Rojatti Signature Pack)

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Vol. 1 for ZOOM G3 & G5

This is a refined selection of the 20 sounds I have been mostly using out of my Zoom since 2012: in the very beginning from the G3 and then from the G5 series. On my point of view, on setting up my Zoom pedals, I always avoided using the XLR output and preferred using the 2 TRS output instead, in order to get out a full stereo sound.

I did recording sessions with these very patches as well: most of the punching and modern sounds you can hear on the “Racer Cafè” EP and from Dolcetti album “Arriver” and “Metallo Beat” promotion Tour, came out from my Zoom.

Have fun and good luck for your never-ending musical adventures.

[Gianni Rojatti]

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