Rock Pack vol.7 for Headrush

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Rock Pack vol.7 for Headrush
The Choptones Rock Pack vol7 for Headrush Pedalboard, Gigboard and MX5 combines the great Eleven amp sim technology with the quality of Choptones IRs.
5 High Quality patches, 3 scenes each one, shaped with Choptones Custom IRs.

IRs Description:

CT_RPV7_1 Based on a Diezel 4x12 cabinet loaded with Celestion G12M speakers, Sennheiser MD421 + E609 for microphoning.

 Based on a Marshall 1984 4x12 cabinet loaded with Rola Celestion G12S20, Neumann KM84 + Shure SM7B for microphoning.

 Based on a Marshall 1982 4x12 loaded with Eminence 1218 speakers, Shure SM7B + Sennheiser E609 for microphoning.

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