Rock Pack vol.2 for Overloud TH-U

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Rock Pack vol.2 for Overloud TH-U Full
The Choptones Rock Pack vol.2 for Overloud TH-U brings the most classic and usable guitar tones to you, merging the incredible features of this amazing software with the accuracy and realism of the Choptones Impulse Responses.
The pack contains 5 patches easily convertible from rhythm to lead tones, as shown in our demonstration video.
The IRs in the pack are based on a Marshall 1982 4x12 (Celestion V30 UK speakers) and a Fender Twin 2x12 ’65 Cab (Jensen C12K), in the following configurations:
  • BritJC82V30E_CG_160_CT1
    Beyerdynamic M160, Chandler Germanium Preamp.
  • BritJC82V30E_NV_609_57_Mix1
    Sennheiser E609 + Shure SM57, Neve 1073 Preamp.
  • FDTwrC12K_NV_7_609_Mix1
    Shure SM7 + Sennheiser E609, Neve 1073 Preamp.

Now you just need to import the CHP Rock Pack Vol.2.ovb file in the bank section and start enjoying your new patches!
TH-U Full is required.

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