Ornage RV2 vol1 for GE200

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Ornage RV2 vol1 for Mooer GE200

The Choptones Ornage RV2 vol1 for Mooer GE Series combines the quality of Mooer devices with the amazing Choptones MNRS Amp Profiles

10 High Quality patches based on a Orange Rockerverb MKII 50, shaped with Choptones Custom MNRS Amp Profiles and Choptones Impulse Response

In each patch CTRL Switch has been set up for an enhanced tone shaping.

Includes 4 amp profiles based on a Orange Rockerverb MKII 50 in several settings and 3 custom IRs.

Remember to set the gain and general volume knobs at your liking, according to your guitar and pick ups!

Requires Mooer Studio software

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