Nativity Vol.1 for Line 6 Helix

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Nativity Vol.1 for Line6 Helix 

The “ Choptones Nativity Vol.1 pack”  introduce our awarded experience in Helix patching on the new astonishing Line6 Native Software.

7 patches with stock cabs (Guitar and Bass as shown in the video) and 5 patches with  Choptones Custom IR for your favorite metal playing.

3 Custom IR from our personal collection:


CT_RoadKV30_57      (Mesa Roadking 4x12 Cab Loaded with Celestion V30, Shure SM57)

CT_RoadKV30_160    (Mesa Roadking 4x12 Cab Loaded with Celestion V30, Beyerdynamic M160)

CT_RoadKV30_121    (Mesa Roadking 4x12 Cab Loaded with Celestion V30, Royer R121)


Patches list and suggested IR/Stock Cab:

CT_5150IR                      CT_RoadKV30_57  (upper path)     CT_RoadKV30_160  (lower path)

CT_ArchIR                      CT_RoadKV30_57  (upper path)     CT_RoadKV30_160  (lower path)

CT_Basstortion               Stock Cabs

CT_BasstortionII             Stock Cabs

CT_DemoLead               Stock Cabs

CT_FatLead                    CT_RoadKV30_160 

CT_MainCLN                  Stock Cabs

CT_OctoCLN                  Stock Cabs

CT_OverDist                   Stock Cabs

CT_Recto_Stock             Stock Cabs

CT_RectoIRs                   CT_RoadKV30_57  (upper path)     CT_RoadKV30_160  (lower path)

CT_StraightLead             CT_RoadKV30_121


Compatible with Helix Floor, Rack, LT and Native



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