Metallica Cover Pack Vol.1 for Line 6 Helix

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Metallica Cover Pack Vol.1 for Line6 Helix / LT / Native

First pack of 10 patches inspired by historical Metallica guitar tones. We tried to catch the heavy guitar sound that you can hear in “Master of Puppets”, “And justice from all”, “Metallica”, “Death Magnetic” albums.

Quick Metallica’s medley exploring tones of the whole pack:
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Sad bat true
The Unforgiven
The day that never comes

Remember to set the gain and general volume knobs at your needs, according to your guitar and pick ups!
On the "Master Lead" patch, "V1 Scale" switch moves the pitch shifter from Minor to Harmonic scale.

Compatible with Helix Floor, Rack, LT and Native

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