Metal Update Vol.1 for POD HD Series

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Metal Update Vol.1 for Line6 POD HD 500 / 500X / PRO / PRO X / BEAN (Desktop)

In this new pack we engineered 12 patches using 3 of the new amp simulation (Peavey 5150 block logo / Line 6 Purge/ Line 6 Fat Bottom).


Patch list:
5051-DOUBLE (Double hard panned Peavey 5150, pure intense Peavey sound)
5051-G12T75  (Double hard panned Peavey 5150, boosted through a standard Marshall 4x12 ab)
5051-MIDFOCUS (5150 and post-eq, great for modern metal rhythm)
5051-MIDFOCUS2 ( Same as above but with different eq and sound shaping)
5051-UBER ( 5150 with Ubercab for extra low-ends)
PURGE-SATAN (Great Line6 amp simulation, remind at new Randall amp production)
SATAN-5051-SOLO (Line6 Purge + 5150 and Delay for a smooth great sounding lead guitar)
SATAN-5051 (Line6 Purge + 5150 for hard metal riffing)
RANDY-RHY (Line6 Purge, nice scooped tone for rhythm)
RANDY-RHY2 (Same as above, different cabs)
FAT-SCOOP (Line 6 Fat bottom, great big distorted tone)
FAT-SCOOP2 (Same as above, different mice and settings)

N.B. You need HD Model Pack - Metal Pack enabled in your POD for use this patches pack!

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