Metal Pack vol.1 for GT-PRO

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The Boss “GT-PRO” was introduced in the world of guitarists at the 2005 Namm. It was engineered to take the place of the venerable GX-700, one of the most used and known multiFX in the ’90 era.

Now, in the 2015, it could be considered an old device for our guitar needs, but to be honest we were really surprised for tone and big possibilities that this rack mount unity could provide.
Very easy to use and full interfaceable with MAC and PC the Boss GT-PRo features:
46 different amp models, seven speaker cabinets and five microphone choices.
Two amplifier channels which can not only be used in the common channel switching arrangement,but can also be combined in a variety of ways.
200 preset patches and 200 user patches
44 different types of effects - including just about everything you would ever need and a few oddities
30 different distortion effects
Up to 15 effects can be used simultaneously.
A solo switch, which can be used to boost level and change the EQ of a channel for soloing.

The connectivities of the Boss Gt-Pro are really useful for every kind of setup and use, both for stage and home recording.

Now the most important thing of all, the tone. No worries, you can get a really great sound from it, every amp simulations really remind
to the original models and pedals contain the really essence of Boss pedals.


20 patches for all your metal needs, every one ready to be played as stand alone or for really nice metal recordings.

Patches list:

  • Chop_STACK5150
  • Chop_ 5150_RECTO2
  • Chop_800
  • Chop_5150_RECTO
  • Chop_5150II
  • Chop_5150III
  • Chop_BOOGIE_ MK
  • Chop_FAT_SLO
  • Chop_HIGAIN
  • Chop_HiGAIN2
  • Chop_Jcm ZW
  • Chop_mark_lead
  • Chop_MET_CLEAN_I
  • Chop_MET_CLEAN
  • Chop_Recto_LEAD
  • Chop_Recto
  • Chop_Recto2
  • Chop_Recto3
  • Chop_SLO
  • Chop_SLOIII

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