Met Black for MG-400

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Met Black for NUX MG-400

Metallica's "Black Album": A Defining Moment in Metal Music

Often referred to as the "Black album", Metallica's masterpiece stands as a notable landmark in the metal genre, and continues to set the standard for metal guitar tones even after several decades.

Introducing the Choptones Met Black Pack: Experience the Legendary Guitar Tones

With the aim of recreating the iconic sounds from this incredible album, the Choptones Met Black pack offers a collection of all the guitar tones featured in the "Black Album". As an added bonus, the pack also includes some bass tones to enhance your playing and recording experience, enabling you to capture that signature "Black Album" tone.

The Choptones Met Black pack features 46 High quality Patches. Each preset has in the name the referred song and part it was creating for, very simple and intuitive.

For an optimal use of the Wah effect, if required in the preset, please set and calibrate the expression pedal of your device, or connect an external pedal if your device doesn’t have one.

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