Matchday vol.1 for Boss GT-1000

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Matchday vol.1 for Boss GT-1000
The Choptones Matchday Vol.1 patches pack for Boss GT1000 combines solid Boss AIRD technology with the quality of Choptones IRs. 
4 High Quality patches, shaped with Choptones Custom IRs
Remember to set the gain and general volume knobs at your liking, according to your guitar and pick ups!
IRs Description:
CT_MDV1_1:   Bogner Closed Back 2x12 with Celestion G12M, Beyerdynamic M160 for microphoning.
CT_MDV1_2:   Fender Custom Deluxe Reverb 1x12 Cab loaded with Celestion V-Type, Neumann U87 and Royer R-121 for microphoning
Requires Firmware 2.01, GT-1000 IR Loader and Boss Tone Studio software for GT-1000

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