Exclusive Bogie Bundle

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Exclusive Bogie Bundle: Your Ultimate Californian Cabinet Collection

Discover the pinnacle of acoustic versatility with the Exclusive Bogie Bundle—a treasure trove specifically designed to satisfy the discerning tastes of Bogie enthusiasts like you. Dive into this incredible offering at an exclusive price!

Be spoilt for choice with over 13,000 diverse Impulse Responses (IRs) that serve as the sonic blueprints of your favorite Californian cabinets. Each one meticulously crafted to help you shape and contour your sound to your liking.

The Exclusive Bogie Bundle comprises six magnificent cabinets, each loaded to perfection:

  • Bogie OS 4x12: Our larger-than-life 4x12 cabinet equipped with 1600+ specific V30 IRs that deliver an intense, in-your-face tone.
  • Bogie 2x12: Fitted with 2500+ tailored Celestion V-Type IRs, this cabinet commands a sonorous tone that's hard to beat.
  • Bogie TA 2x12: A direct response to your sophisticated tastes, loaded with 2500+ hand-picked C90 IRs for a well-balanced, muscular tone.
  • Bogie IIC 1x12: A compact powerhouse armed with 1900+ dedicated Electrovoice EVM IRs for the bold, and the brave.
  • Bogie Mini Rct 1x12: Specially designed for the rebels, this cabinet has 2400+ purpose-built V30 IRs for a punchy tone that cuts through the mix.
  • Bogie 1x10: Compact but robust, this 1x10 cabinet is outfitted with 2500+ specially selected G10 Creamback IRs for those craving an articulate and focused tone.

Remember, each of these cab packs has been captured using industry-leading microphones and pristine preamp sets to deliver the unparalleled definition and sizzling detail you've come to expect from us.

At a phenomenal discounted price of 99€, down from the regular price of 234.40€, this cost-effective bundle offers a mega saving that's too good to refuse! Amplify your sound, broaden your tonal horizons, and enter a new era of sonic exploration with the Exclusive Bogie Bundle.

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