DT Cover Pack Vol.1 for Headrush

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DT Cover Pack vol.1 for Headrush Pedalboard & Gigboard
This time we tried to emulate the great and rich John Petrucci’s sound with our Headrush, proposing you 10 high quality patches that walk through different Dream Theater Album like “Images and words”, “Awake” and many others.
In the following list you can find tracks that inspired our work:
- CHOP-DT-CONSTANT           (inspired by Constant Motion Rhythm Guitar tone)
- CHOP-DT-CONSTANT-LD     (inspired by Constant Motion Lead Guitar tone)
- CHOP-DT-NIGHTMAR           (inspired by A Nightmare to Remember Rhythm Guitar tone)
- CHOP-DT-METRO                 (inspired by Metropolis Rhythm Guitar tone)
- CHOP-DT-NOTME                 (inspired by You not me Lead Guitar tone)
- CHOP-DT-LIFT                       (inspired by Lifting shadow off a dream Clean tone)
- CHOP-DT-MIRROR                (inspired by The mirror Rhythm Guitar tone)
- CHOP-DT-TUSCSOLO           (inspired by The count of Tuscany Lead Guitar tone)
- CHOP-DT-TUSCRHY             (inspired by The count of Tuscany Rhythm Guitar tone)
- CHOP-DT-ASIAM                    (inspired by As i am Rhythm Guitar tone)
Patches were programmed using various Ibanez guitar equipped with Dimarzio pickups. Use this kind of guitar for best tone results.
For clean tone we suggest guitar with double Humbucker wired for splitting them in second switch position.
Remember to set the gain and general volume knobs at your needs, according to your guitar and pick ups!

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