Death Metal Extreme Vol.1 for POD HD Series

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Death Metal Extreme Vol.1 for Line6 POD HD 500 / 500X / PRO / PRO X / BEAN (Desktop)

Hi there! This pack is for the guitarist who wants to play extreme in every side of metal. Made with the idea to give the heaviest guitar tone as possible, it features scooped mids and tons of gain.
The Choptones LINE6 POD HD Series Death Metal Extreme is composed by 12 high quality patches, using the stock POD HD amp simulation and the new Metal Model Upgrade as well.


  • 616
  • Black_candles
  • Bloody_corpses
  • Cannibal_holocaust
  • Cemetery_bell
  • Crumbling_bones
  • Doom_domination
  • Path_to_hell
  • Sacrificial_lamb
  • Tombestones_tribute
  • Uncovered_graves
  • Yelling_Crow





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