Cus PT50 Kemper Profiles

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Cus PT50 (138 Profiles)
Seeking to recreate the sound of a Custom Audio Amplifiers PT-50 Pete Thorn Signature

Whether you're looking for "Crunch" or you're looking for "Clean", the Cus PT50 (seeking to recreate the tone of a Custom Audio Amplifier Suhr PT-50 Pete Thorn signature) is the amplifier you need. The PT-50 is a 3-channel tube amp, which includes an EL34. It was made to deliver an array of tones without overpower.

112 Studio Profiles + 26 Direct Profiles

Cabinets :

  • Marshall 1960 4x12 loaded with Celestion V30, G12T75, G1250
  • Friedman 4x12 loaded with Celestion G12M, V30
  • Mesa Boogie 4x12 loaded with Celestion V30, Lynchback
  • Engl 4x12 loaded with Celestion V60
  • EVH 5150III 4x12 loaded with Celestion G12EVH
  • Zilla Custom Fatboy 2x12 loaded with Celestion Creamback M65
  • Mesa Boogie 2x12 loaded with Celestion V-Type
  • Fender 1x12 loaded with Jensen C12K

Mics :

  • Shure SM57, SM7, SM58
  • Sennheiser MD421, e609, e906
  • Royer R121
  • Beyerdynamic M160
  • Audix i5
  • Neumann U87, KM184
  • Heil PR30
  • Audiotechnica AT2035

Boosted with

  • Fulltone OCD
  • Ibanez TS9
  • Mesa Grid Slammer
  • Mesa Flux Drive
  • Boss SD1 TS808 Mod
  • Boss OD1
  • Paul Cochrane Timmy 
  • Suhr Riot
  • Marshall Bluesbreaker

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