Carved Vai vol.2 Kemper Profiles

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Carved Vai vol.2 (59 Profiles)
Seeking to recreate the sound of a Carvin Legacy VL100 (Steve Vai signature)

46 Studio Profiles + 13 Direct Profiles

After being a long time Carvin endorser since the 80s with the X100B amp, Steve Vai came out in the '99 with is amazing signature Amp: The Carvin Legacy VL100.
The 100W VL100 head deliveres 100 watts in a dual-channel, all tube package with volume, bass, mid, treble & presence for each channel and master reverb.
Great for sparkling cleans and soloing, this amp has a big a fat tone for rock and metal tones as well.
Our capturing features a 6L6 voiced version, different cabs/speakers and mics as showed in the description.

Cabinets :

  • Carvin 4x12 loaded with Celestion V30
  • Mesa Boogie 4x12 loaded with Celestion V30
  • Marshall 4x12 loaded with Celestion G12T75
  • Engl 4x12 loaded with Celestion V60

Mics :

  • Neumann U87
  • Sennheiser MD421, MD21
  • Shure SM57
  • Beyerdynamic M160

Boosted with

  • MXR Wylde OD
  • MXR Modified OD
  • Mesa Grid Slammer
  • Mesa Flux Drive
  • Suhr Riot
  • Ibanez TS9
  • Marshall Bluesbreaker

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