Brit34 Vol.1 for AXE-FX II

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Brit34 Vol.1 for AXE-FX II

According to one of the most famous Marshall JCM800 modification, the 800#34 Fractal amp simulation could provide the warm rich and aggressive tone heard in the last decades of rock music.

The Choptones Brit34 Vol.1 Axe-FX II patches pack includes our best way to conceive this amp, offering you high class tones for all your musical purposes.

The pack contains 10 high quality patches, 3 scenes each one, for a total amount of 30 different rigs.

Remember to set the gain and general volume knobs at your licking, according to your guitar and pick ups!


Compatible with Axe FX II, XL, XL+ with Factory Cabs


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