Brit34 vol1 for AXE-FX III

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Brit34 vol1 for Fractal Audio Axe-FX III Series

Accordingly to one of the most famous Marshall JCM800 modification, the 800#34 Fractal amp simulation could provide the warm rich and aggressive tone heard in the last decades of rock music.

This time the Choptones Brit34 Vol.1 Axe-FX 3 pack combines this great amp simulation with the amazing quality of Choptones Custom IRs

8 High Quality patches, 3 Snapshots each one, shaped with Choptones Custom IRs.
To enhance the tone capability of the 800#34 we used 2 Impulses of the Marshall 25/58 Silver Jubilee 2x12 combo, loaded with Celestion Marshall Vintage speakers.

IR list:

  • CHP - Brit34 01 (Celestion Marshall Vintage speaker microphoned with Shure UnidyneIII 545 SD)
  • CHP - Brit34 02 (Celestion Marshall Vintage speaker microphoned with Royer R121)

Remember to set the gain and general volume knobs at your liking, according to your guitar and pick ups!

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