Ultimate Bogie vol1 for TONE X

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Ultimate Bogie vol1 for IK Multimedia Tone X

Choptones Tone Model Packs are now ready for IK Multimedia Tone X, providing you the pure tone of your favorite amp without the weight and price of the actual ones, but keeping the feel of an analog rig.

The Ultimate Bogie vol1 pays tribute to Mesa Boogie, one of the most iconic brand of guitar amps.
Ultimate Bogie Pack includes:
- 25 Tone X Choptones Tone Models and presets (25 Complete Chain amp+cab)
- 25 Amplitube 5 presets based on Tone X Choptones Tone Models.

  • Mesa Boogie JP-2C
  • Mesa Boogie Mark I Reissue
  • Mesa Boogie Roadking I (6L6)
  • Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier (6L6)
  • Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier (EL34)

  • Mesa Boogie OS 4x12
  • Mesa Boogie RK 4x12
  • Mesa Boogie Standard 2x12
  • Mesa Boogie California Tweed 2x12
  • Mesa Boogie Thiele 1x12
  • Mesa Boogie Open Back 1x10
  • Mesa Boogie Widebody 1x12
  • Mesa Boogie Lonestar 2x12
  • Mesa Boogie Lonestar 4x10

  • Celestion G12M
  • Celestion 12” Vintage 30
  • Celestion 12” V-Type
  • Celestion 12” Custom 90
  • Celestion 12” Alnico Ruby
  • Eminence 12” Governor
  • Marshall G12C
  • Hesu 12”  Demon
  • Jensen 12”  Blackbird Alnico
  • Celestion 10” Creamback G10
  • Jensen 12” P12N
  • Eminence 12” DV77
  • Jensen 10” P10R
  • Celestion 12” EVH
  • Eminence P50

Every model is made matching the real amp with different cabinets, speakers, pedals and microphones!

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