Metal Pack vol1 for Boss GX-100

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Metal Pack vol1 for Boss GX-100

The Choptones Metal Pack Vol.1 for Boss GX100 combines solid Boss AIRD technology with the quality of Choptones IRs.

6 High Quality patches, shaped with Choptones Custom IRs

Tapping the C1 footswitch you can actually engage a second scene in your patch!

IRs Description:
  • CT-MPV1-1 Bogner 4x12 Cab - Celestion V30 speakers - Shure SM57 + Sennheiser E609 blended with Hesu 2x12 Cab - Hesu Demon speakers -  Beyerdynamic M160.
  • CT-MPV1-2 Hesu 2x12 Cab -  Celestion V-Type speakers - Audix I5.

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