Gary vol1 for Boss GX-100

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Gary vol1 for Boss GX-100

Presenting the stunning Choptones Gary vol1 Pack, a tribute to the remarkable and unparalleled guitar virtuoso - Gary Moore. This collection transports Gary Moore’s phenomenal sound right into your hands, providing an effortless crafting of his esteemed tunes like 'Still got the Blues', 'The Loner', and numerous others.

Exclusively in this pack, receive 6 extraordinary tones, each meticulously shaped and customized with premium Choptones Impulse Responses, mirroring the acclaimed sounds that define Moore's timeless hits.

These tones are built to emulate the signature songs of Gary Moore, providing an authentic and detailed reproduction of his powerful and soulful playing style.

Whether you're looking to recreate Moore’s iconic performances, infuse his innovative style into your own music, or even just explore the rich landscape of his sound, the Choptones Gary vol1 Pack offers an incomparable tool for your musical endeavors.

Experience a new standard of tone quality and precision with the Choptones Gary vol1 Pack. Unleash the power of Gary Moore’s timeless sound with the touch of a button!

Remember to set the gain and general volume knobs at your liking, according to your guitar and pick ups!

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