Supercharge Your Sound: Importing Patches & IRs to Mooer GE300

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GE300 Family

Welcome, guitarist! If you're aiming to enhance your performance with the Mooer GE300, you've come to the right place. This guide will offer a detailed walkthrough on importing patches and IRs into this feature-rich instrument processor using the Mooer Studio editor. We've also included our selection of best-in-class patches and IRs, each promising to mesmerize you with their high-quality sound.

The same procedure applies at the Mooer GE300 lite as well!

Getting Started

Begin by connecting your Mooer GE300 to your PC via a USB cable and downloading the Mooer Studio for GE300 software.

Importing Presets

Launch the Mooer Studio editor. Click an empty library box and follow that by clicking on the empty preset within the library. Click on "IMPORT" and find your Mooer preset file (.mo extension) on your PC before confirming the upload.

Loading IRs

In the imported preset, find the "CAB" section. Select an empty slot in the scrolling menu and press (+) to locate the impulse response you'd like to load. Click "OPEN" to import the IR into the editor.

Remember: Save Your Work!

After importing a preset and an IR, make sure to click the "SAVE" button within the editor to avoid losing any of your uploads.

With our simple guide and the power of the Mooer Studio editor, you'll be able to layer your Mooer GE300 with patches and IRs that speak to your musical style. Elevate your tone and explore new horizons of sound!

Watch the video tutorial:


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