Maximize Your Valeton GP-200: A Tutorial on Loading Patches & IRs

Posted by Livio Colucci on

For the proud owners of the renowned Valeton GP-200, this guide walks you through the process of importing patches and integrating custom Impulse Responses (IRs). Let's enhance your musical journey together!

Step 1: Download and Install the Valeton GP-200 Software

Download and install the Valeton GP-200 software on your PC and connect your Valeton GP-200 device using the supplied cable.

Step 2: Uploading Your Patches

To upload patches, select the patch and click "Import" in the software. Choose your .prst patch file and select an empty slot from your patch list to confirm the import.

Step 3: Loading Impulse Responses (IRs)

Click the "Load IR" button at the top of the Valeton GP-200 software interface within the CAB section. After selecting an open slot for your custom IR and loading your chosen IR file, you will be notified of a successful import.

Unlock endless tonal diversity and take your Valeton GP-200 to a higher level with these simple steps. If you wish to extend your library of fine-tuned patches or versatile IRs, we recommend exploring these links.

Take your time, experiment, find your unique sound, and revel in the exceptional capabilities of your Valeton device!

Watch the video tutorial:


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