Master Your Gear: A Deep Dive into Loading Patches and IRs on the Line 6 POD Go

Posted by Livio Colucci on

Welcome fellow tone-chasers! Prepare to dive headfirst into the world of patches and impulse responses (IRs) for your Line 6 POD Go. Speaking from experience, this is the real deal when it comes to unlocking the potential of this incredible multi-effects processor.

To fully explore the depths of your POD Go, you'll need some resources. Behold:

Step 1: Feathering Your Sound Nest with Custom Patches

  1. First things first, get your POD Go unit and computer talking via a USB cable. The language they'll be speaking? The POD Go Edit software, of course!
  2. Once you've got everything connected, give that 'import' button a click within the POD Go Edit software or drag the .pgo file in an Empty Slot. This will let you explore your library of saved patches.
  3. Select your desired patches for import, and with a few simple clicks, they'll be living the dream inside your Line 6 POD Go.

Step 2: Spicing Up Your Tone with IRs

  1. Head back to your POD Go Edit software's cozy confines and tap the 'Impulses' tab. This is where the IR magic happens.
  2. Choose an empty slot from the list and hit that 'import' button.
  3. Guide the browser to the folder where your IR .wav files reside, patiently waiting to be unleashed. Pick your favorite IR, and let's get this party started!
  4. Last but not least, import your chosen IR and witness your POD Go ascend even further, now fine-tuned to the max.

Use this guide as a starting point and don't be afraid to crank those dials as you mix and match patches and IRs. Your journey through the sonic landscape with your Line 6 POD Go will lead you to the perfect tone for your personal style.

Keep exploring and rock on!

Check our video tutorial!


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