How to load Patches & IR in the Hotone Audio Ampero

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Greetings fellow tone enthusiasts! Today, we're stepping into the world of the Hotone Ampero, a compact multi-effects unit brimming with tonal possibilities. In this guide, we'll outline the process of loading patches and importing Impulse Responses (IRs) to unlock the full potential of your device. Whether you're a newcomer to the Hotone family, or a long-time user looking to expand your sound, look no further!

Loading Patches into your Hotone Ampero

Patches, also known as presets, are user-created setups stored in the Hotone Ampero, allowing for quick access to your favorite sound combinations. Let's learn how to load custom patches into your device. The same procedure applies to

Step 1: Download

Begin by downloading patches from reputable sources. They should be specific to the Ampero and saved in '.prst' file formats. Check out these custom patches!

Step 2: Ampero Editor

Open the Ampero Editor software on your computer, ensuring that your Ampero is connected via USB and recognized by the program.

Step 3: Load Patches

Follow these steps to load your new patches into the Ampero:

  1. Click Import button and navigate to the location where you saved your patches.
  2. Select the desired patches and click Open.
  3. Select the destination slot and click Import.

The patches will now be imported into the Ampero Editor's preset library.

And there you have it! You've successfully loaded your patches into the Ampero II Stomp!

Importing IRs into Your Hotone Ampero

Impulse Responses (IRs) are audio captures of speaker cabinets, microphones, and rooms. Importing IRs into your Ampero brings authentic and diverse speaker and mic combinations to your tonal arsenal.

Step 1: Download

Find and download compatible IRs for your Ampero. These files are typically supplied in '.wav' format. This collection of IRs is a great starting point!

Step 2: Ampero Editor

Ensure that your Ampero II Stomp is connected to your computer via USB and open the Ampero Editor software.

Step 3: Load IRs

Load your new IRs into the Ampero Editor:

  1. Select the patch you've just loaded in your device and click on the Cab block.
  2. Click on Import IR File button and navigate to the location where you saved your patches.
  3. Select the desired IR file and click Open.
  4. Select the destination slot and click Import.
  5. Select in the IR list the wanted IR, then save the patch.

That's it! You've successfully imported IRs into your Hotone Ampero II Stomp!

Embrace Your Expanded Tonal Palette

By learning how to load custom patches and import IRs, you've unleashed an even greater array of tonal possibilities from your Hotone Ampero. Whether you're fine-tuning your perfect tone or delving into the creative depths of sound sculpting, the power lies in your hands. So join your newfound sonic journey and let your Ampero  become an extension of your musical vision.

Happy tone-hunting!

Check our video tutorial!


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