How to Load Patches and IRs in the NUX Mighty Plug Pro and Mighty Space

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The NUX Mighty Plug Pro is an amazing and ultra-portable amp modeler. Whether you're a proud owner or a potential buyer, with the NUX Mighty Editor software, you can adjust parameters, import patches, load external IRs, and orchestrate the audio routing via USB. This easy walkthrough aims to instruct you on how to upload third-party patches and IRs to your Nux Mighty Plug Pro or Mighty Space.

As a dedicated guitarist, you are constantly in pursuit of top-tier patches and IRs for your device to authentically mirror your musical persona. In our search for the finest in the market for your Nux device, we have curated the best patches and a robust stock of studio-sourced IRs.

Launching Mighty Editor and Connecting Your Device

Begin with opening the Mighty Editor software on your computer and use a USB cable to connect your Nux Mighty modeler.

Importing Presets

  1. In the Editor, locate and click the "Import" button on the top toolbar.
  2. Select the preset you desire for your device (.mppropatch for Mighty Plug Pro and .mspatch for Mighty Space) and click “Open”.
  3. Assign a bank for the new preset, select it, and hit the "Import" button to proceed.
  4. Upon successful import, a confirmation message will display.

Importing Impulse Responses (IRs)

  1. Within Mighty Editor, right-click the cabinet section.
  2. From the dropdown menu, click on "User".
  3. Left-click the cabinet space and push the "Import" button.
  4. Navigate to your computer's IR file storage.
  5. Select the IR file for import and click "Open".
  6. Allow the software to process and update your IRs.
  7. A confirmation message will appear upon successful import.

Congratulations! You have succeeded in uploading patches and IRs to your Nux device. With this guide and our curated patches and IRs recommendations, you are ready to take your Nux experience up a notch and explore an extensive array of sounds and tones. Upgrade your setup and unleash new depths in your music!


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