• Metal Update Vol.2

Choptones Metal Update Vol.2 for Line6 Pod HD 500 

In this new pack we engineered 15 patches using some of the new amp simulation

Patch list:
80's Solid State Amp
80's Solo
80's Thrash
800 Metal Rhy
800 Rhy 1
800 Aggro Solo
5051 Aggro Rhy
Bullseyed Solo
Fat Aggro
Line6 Solo
Purge Aggro Rhy
Rhy Aggro1
Rhy Aggro2
Southern Rhy

N.B. You need HD Model Pack - Metal Pack enabled in your POD for use this patches!

With the release of the v2.6 firmware update Line 6 provides the access to new amp models packs. Pod HD owners can expand their rigs purchasing 3 different amp model packs. The Metal Model Pack includes models based on modern heavy gain amps, the Vintage Model Pack includes models of rare vintage classics, and the Bass Model Pack features a select line-up of bass amps

Here the packs features:

Metal model pack:
- Peavey® 5150® (Block logo)
- Bogner® Shiva
- Remastered Marshall® JCM800 (Model 2204)
- Line 6 Insane
- Line 6 Big Bottom
- Line 6 Variac'ed Plexi
- Line 6 Purge
- Line 6 Aggro
- Line 6 Smash
- Line 6 Octone


Metal Update Vol.2

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